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New York City - Reisetagebuch

Ein Reisetagebuch, das die lebhaften vielfältigen Eindrücke in New York City während eines Aufenthaltes im heißen Sommer 2013 vor Ort festhält. Skizzen in Museen, Notizen am Rande, Auf"gelesenes", Musikerlebnisse im Park, Begegnungen, bunte Bleiglasfenster im Brown Stone House, spontan niedergeschriebene Gedichte von meiner Begleiterin Ingrid Wiche und was Flugreisen so abenteuerlich macht...

Kolophon: Reisetagebuch New York City ca 19,6 x 22,5 cm, 52 Seiten, handgeschöpftes Papier, Einband mit Kordelbindung, Karton kaschiert mit handgeschöpftem farbigem Papier, mit Skizzen, handschriftlichen Notizen, Texten sowie Gedichten von Ingrid Wiche, Aquarell, Graphit, artist pen, 2013

Black and Bright
in my mind
their playing and her voice
they followed me
opened my heart
inflamed a light
Black and Bright

Beautiful moments
in the garden
filled with music still
lovely lady singing bright
beats her tamburin on leg
beautiful lady wears a hat
and he, he sings bass
(Park, Pond Central)

Hymn to El Anatsui

Words and Works
of Anatsui
impressed my
soul and all
of me: Anatsui

Lonely moments
of these times
were weaved
by him, became
a shine and all
of me cries: Anatsui

Walls of metals
were born by him
consisting of old
metal things, now
give a special beauty
to every street,
so all we need:

(The Brooklyn Museum)

Of - Key by beer and
sloppily words:
Beer in NYC
fall from heaven
to my feet
I put it up
and drunk
them all,
paid attention
not to fall,
thoughts of moving words
in my head, sometimes
I had to go to bed,
but otherwise
I cry "no beer
in NYC, isn't here?"
because of exhibition
we have done, I need to drink
a little pit,
beer is marvellous
isn't it?

(MoMA Café)

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