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Art Library / Über's Eis geschliddert

Das Originalbild "Über's Eis geschliddert" wird in ein Flatterbuch verwandelt, das geblättert werden, aber auch aufgeklappt und ausgebreitet werden kann. Dann wechselt das Buch wieder zum Bild hin.

Kolophon: Flatterbuch aus dem Originalbild "Über's Eis geschliddert", Mischtechnik, ca 14 x 12,5 cm, Handschrift, Faden, große und kleine Holzperle, Schutzumschlag, Frankfurt 2012, handsigniert

Why not take Art as the best language that does not need translation. Art speaks every tongue. Art makes itself understandable without word, attracts mind and soul by emotion and thought. Art knows no boundaries . This miniature book was folded and cut as a "Flatterbuch" of my own original Artwork. Its technique is monotype. The little book can be looked at, picked up, the pages can be turned , and folded out. but if the miniature book is stretched out flat, the original image comes alive to be looked at in its whole. This image mounted on paper or a wooden panel would regain the quality of the original painting

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