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On Location - Vor Ort , 3. Zusammenspiel

Florida mit seinen spektakulären unglaublich "kitschigen" Sonnen-Auf-und Untergängen und seine ganz spezifische Flora an der Atlantikküste mit dem dichten Bewuchs der "Sea-Grapes"Büsche bilden den wechselnden Kontrast in diesem Künstlerbuch.

Kolophon: Künstlerbuch mit Witha Lacuesta, 20 x 20 cm, watercolor on Arches , Cold Press, Grain Fin, Bright White, 300 g/m, handwriting, pen, ink, original leaves of sea grapes as well as reproductions of these, tracing paper, acrylics on cover, Japanese binding, cotton thread, Melbourne, FL, USA, 2010

Changes and movement in nature: Being in Florida at the coast line you may notice the bushes of sea grapes growing on the sand dunes. Their leaves take on a lovely interesting colour. To collect these leaves and watch them change their colours while drying and dying is fascinating. It's a vivid example of how nature provides us with an unbelievable variety in structure, form and colour.
Similarly, you may discover the sometimes magical movements in nature when observing the scenery of the Floridian sunset with its astonishing spectrum of colours from lightest yellow to darkest violet. The range of hues seem to be endless. This remarkable display is often embellished by nearby clouds in infinitely variable shapes. One can easily imagine the form of strange figures within them as these clouds drift in front of the iridescent orange sun as it slowly sinks into the horizon

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